Project Engineer

Background Requirement:

  • Completed min. 4-year university level or equivalent degree program at recognized institution offering a B.Eng or B.Apsc.
  • Fluent PC Skills, Windows NT/2000. Good understanding of file management.
  • Fluent in MS-Office, Internet and Email.
  • Fluent knowledge of CAD system. Solid Works 2000/2001 experience is preferred
  • Minimum 2 years experience in related engineering/automation field.


  • Will be assigned small to large scale full projects, or project components by the Engineering Manager.
  • Will oversee, monitor, and delegate work assigned to project technologist(s) involved in his/her project.
  • Will be required to have complete and ready for presentation all materiel, technical in content and not, that is required by the Engineering Manager for date specific project milestones.
  • Is required to delegate, monitor, and schedule him/her - self in order to meet all requirements while falling within guidelines set forth by the engineering manager.
  • Will monitor and take active part in ALL project phases from concept to production to customer follow up. It is the engineer's responsibility to always be on top of the project assigned to him/her.
  • Will be prepared to document all sections of a project that he/she is responsible for according to Logic Motion Co. Ltd. Standards.
  • Will immediately update all related documents, drawings, and other media if changes are made outside of the design process (i.e. during production).
  • The engineering manager must first approve any internal resources, or outside contractors required by the Engineer.
  • Will not take part in any incoming sales calls, shows, or training unless required for an open project and approved by the engineering manager.
  • Will report directly to the engineering manager for any conflicting issues, difficulties, and/or internal and external problematic affairs.
  • The "Engineer" will not make any customer relations judgment calls.
  • Will document in written or electronic medium ALL relations with customer or customers' colleagues.

Please submit your resume via e-mail to and put the job title your are applying for in the subject header.

Please do not contact us by telephone, our Human Resource department will contact you if your application is successful.