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Over a decade of Experience in the automotive automation sector, thousands of hours of Engineering, combined with State-of-the-Art technology and hi-tech manufacturing bring to you the Automotive Door Module Vertical Assembly Line by Logic Motion.

Whether you are seeking cost reduction, improvement of output product quality, or an increase in output capacity our Vertical Assembly Lines bring to you these benefits along with sophisticated testing technologies adapted for the stringent automotive standards. Our systems can be fully integrated into your existing plant equipment or work stand-alone. Whatever your choice, Logic Motion is the right decision for a reliable and flexible solution.


The automotive industry: an industry constantly improving, innovating and striving to reduce error and cost. Such requirements need solutions that we at Logic Motion are in the business of providing! This particular product was developed as part of the ongoing automakers outsourcing programs. The Door Module Vertical Assembly Line allows for the assembly of the entire inner door module, including all electronics, window devices, locking mechanisms/latches, and speaker equipment onto a molded base which is later inserted into the automobile on the main manufacturing lines. The automated line performs various assembly and testing tasks and can be accommodated to the exact specifications and level of operator interaction to customer requirements.


With state-of-the-art sensor and logic technology, Logic Motion systems can perform self-diagnostics to alert the operator of any problems with the machine through the use of colour touch screen GUI interface(s) Fully automated sections are enclosed to prevent accidental contact with the machinery. All sections requiring operator interaction are ergonomically designed to avoid strain or injury, and incorporate electronic safety features. Several state-of-the-art safety systems are present on all Logic Motion Vertical Assembly lines to further improve safety, reduce bulkiness, and prevent inconvenience.


With several control device options, ranging from PLC to PC, different BUS designs, wireless interfacing, and optional data acquisition and reporting features Logic Motion equipment can not only accommodate the diverse needs of the industry but surely deliver equipment that meets your company standards, and produces the right results the first time!


When cost-effectiveness, compact size, safety, quality, and performance are your factors for choosing door module assembly and test equipment, a high speed Logic Motion Vertical Assembly Line should be the logical choice. With successful implementations already in place within several automakers, we are positive the Vertical Assembly Line can benefit your company also. The system can be customized to suit exact requirements and tolerances to accommodate various types of components. At the customers discretion any functions can be automated, and the line can be extended and shaped to suite the manufacturing environment.

Nov 18 2002